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Selling Overview

Whatever the motive, nearly all business owners eventually decide to sell one of their most valuable assets: their business. When that happens, it's vital to obtain professional advice to achieve a swift, smooth, and hassle-free transaction without affecting the goodwill of the business. At the same time most business owners want to maximise the selling price.

Advent is here to help business owners overcome any hurdles on the journey to selling their business. We are a market leader providing a specialist service, which has enabled us to sell many businesses since 2006!

We have access to targeted potential business purchasers which has enabled us to close many deals. Moreover, with comprehensive regional, national and international marketing strategies we endeavour to reach as many potential business buyers to find the most suitable one for each business we market. Our professional and proactive approach to selling has primarily been responsible for our success in the business transfer market.

Our dedicated sales negotiators will keep you informed throughout the sale process, providing you with regular updates on the progress of your sale. Our sales negotiators take great pride in pursuing the sale of every business placed with us; and because they receive a commission upon each successful completion you can be sure they're motivated to work as hard as possible to achieve a sale.

Over the years we've forged valuable links with solicitors, accountants, banks, independent financial advisors and other essential service providers which all help to facilitate a smooth completion. Like all successful companies we listen to our clients' comments and continuously strive to improve our services and to sell ever more businesses in a discreet manner.

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