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The Process of Selling

Step 1: An appointment is made for one of our friendly experienced consultants to visit you at your business and provide a free, no obligation, discreet business appraisal and explain Advent's marketing strategies. When you meet one of our consultants you'll see what we do to ensure that your business is sold discreetly.

Step 2: Once you've decided to go ahead, our consultant will conduct a detailed report about your business, which will contain sufficient information for a buyer, without revealing your business name or location. Photographs will also be taken where relevant.

Step 3: Within two weeks you'll receive your Vendor Pack containing your proposed sales particulars, the advertising copy and details of the marketing. While you are on the market with us, we believe that you should know exactly how the sale is going. That's why you'll receive regular updates on the progress of your sale.

Getting more in the recession

Don't let the recession affect your dreams! Advent has a proven track record to get value regardless of the economic climate. Get more with Advent

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