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Understanding your business

Free, no obligation appraisal of your business
Our consultants will meet with you at your business premises at a time convenient to you to evaluate a fair asking price. This is of course without any obligation or cost to you. Our marketing strategy will be specific to your business and explained along with our fees and agreement terms and conditions. There is no pressure to make a decision on the day.

Types of package
Our sales consultant will discuss the various packages we offer to sellers. Depending on the nature of your business and your intentions, our sales consultant will recommend the most suitable package and marketing strategies for you.
Detailed sales particulars
The sales particulars are prepared in detail without revealing the name or location of the business. Our sales particulars are tailor-made for your business. Our consultants will present the key selling points and strengths of your business in the sales particulars, whilst endeavouring to maintain business confidentiality.

Marketing your business

The adverts for your business will be placed on business marketing websites that we have found to be effective in generating interest, some of which have thousands of national and international registered buyers searching for businesses. Advent also has a database of potential buyers who have submitted enquiries to us in the past. Marketing your business on specialist websites and to buyers on our database is likely to generate interest from serious purchasers.

Database management
Our in-house database management system enables us to react promptly to any responses by supplying up to date information and dealing with requests for further details.

Web marketing
The Internet has revolutionised the way businesses are sold. Thousands of potential buyers visit our website as well as our partners' sites on a regular basis. We have links to many high profile sites and we are continuously investing in Internet technology. Our web presence has also expanded into the International arena. This is supplemented by the latest social media techniques. We employ this powerful marketing tool to increase web traffic and channel a wider scope of buyers towards your business.

Desktop research & targeted mailings
This involves the identification of complimentary businesses that could be interested in buying your business such as suppliers, competitors and even customers. To avoid damaging your business a full list would be available to you from which you can select the companies to whom you wish your details to be sent.

Bespoke Marketing Campaigns
These are tailor-made packages to suit specific industries and sectors where an exceptional marketing package is required. Non traditional methods are employed to maximise the consideration value.


Utilising the latest telephone systems, we handle large volumes of calls from prospective purchasers. Our computer systems are state-of-the-art enabling us to communicate effectively with all concerned parties

Experienced sales negotiators
Our experienced Sales Negotiators will be aware of the finer details of your case. They will aggressively but politely push the sale forward and communicate with you at every stage. They receive a commission upon sale which ensures they strive to achieve the best result for you.

Client confidentiality agreements
For certain types of businesses and at your request, prospective purchasers are asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Purchaser vetting and funding
Prior to introducing a potential purchaser, before viewing we establish the identity of the party and when necessary obtain proof that the purchaser has the funding in place before he receives any details.

Feedback to all parties
The sales negotiators will provide regular feedback about significant developments to all parties concerned.

Monthly progress reports
Reports tracking the progress of the sale are sent out every month to every vendor.

Arrange viewings
All viewings will be arranged by our sales negotiators who will arrange them at a time convenient for you.

Marketing 3rd parties that we use

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