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Why choose Advent?

1. Client Confidentiality: We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality when selling a business. Advent can help you to market the sale of your business in a discreet manner.

2. Proactive Approach: Our proactive approach to marketing businesses and in pursuing negotiations with serious interested parties has enabled us to sell a host of businesses since our inception in 2006.

3. Effective Communication: Sales negotiation is mostly about ensuring information is conveyed to all parties as efficiently and accurately as possible. Our sales negotiators understand the importance of providing feedback to all parties involved with the sale. We like talking to our customers!

4. Motivated Sales Team: Our sales team is passionate about selling businesses and they are incentivised to sell as many businesses as possible. It's simple, the more they sell, the more they earn.

5. Valuable Relationships: We have forged relationships with leading organisations that have vast experience in the legal, financial and marketing sectors. In our experience, their expertise and professionalism has contributed greatly towards speeding up the sale of many businesses.

6. Sold Businesses! We have sold many businesses, a significant number of which were sold during the recession. Please see some of our testimonials.

7. Business Size or Value Doesn't Really Matter: We specialize in supporting small, mid-market and corporate sized organisations that are typically looking to achieve a final sale price figure between £25,000 to £12 Million.

8. Innovation: We have developed a suite of value enhancing products for those owners who wish to maximise their selling price.

Getting more in the recession

Don't let the recession affect your dreams! Advent has a proven track record to get value regardless of the economic climate. Get more with Advent